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Send Warm Wishes to your Mum on Mothers Day in Pakistan

Mother's Day in Pakistan! Mark a day on the calendar around the world to honor women in our society that can work all their lives for their children to have a better life.

Mother's Day in Pakistan, a 10th Celebrated in May. Pakistan have fixed the date of the celebration was, in contrast to the American tradition of celebrating the day of the date on which falls the second Sunday in May. The idea was pioneered by a journalist in his article in circulation in 1922. Pakistan celebrates this day in the traditional way, especially. Churches organize mass prayers in the morning. The prayers reached its climax, when the band sings the song for mothers maiden. After the prayers, people prepare special meals in the morning to their mothers. They also organize special parties, to surprise their mothers.

Children buy special gifts for their mothers. Paints, clothing, perfumes, cosmetics, handbags, smart phones and wines are the most preferred gifts. I buy food, people prefer chocolate, cakes, desserts and other sweet snacks. Biscuits in an "I love my mom" that deserve special attention. Bakers are introducing new dishes for Mother's Day. The same is the case of restaurants and cafes. In order to obtain as customers increasingly as possible are retained in the introduction of new marketing techniques. Special Mother's Day and offers are high on the list. Almost all the famous clubs and cafes offer home delivery services for packages offers and mothers.

People also make tons of phone calls to their mothers’ desire in his day. Mobile carriers and other telephone service providers introduce special packages and discount calls SMS packages to customers. Surveys show that the Pakistani lines are loaded with calls that day. Card vendors also grind the ax of the situation. They introduce special cards for Mother's Day at a different rate and quality. Rates vary by the size, texture and poems and wishes of the cards.

Mother's Day is a day for Pakistan, the Mothers of house hold chores. Mothers are the guest of honor of all the important events of the day. Children treat their mothers with their favorite food, clothes, movies and jewelries. Gift shops have made ​​the choice between a mother's day gift Pakistan, broad, very easy and convenient. Many online services are for home delivery of Mother's Day gift to Pakistan. Likewise, make hundreds of flower stores wide record sales of Mother's Day flowers Pakistan.

Mother's Day is celebrated in Pakistan with the world community on the second Sunday of May. Pakistanis celebrate this day to be considered the only issue. The origins and traditions do not care.

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